YachtStrip Paste


YachtStrip ist a brand new, environmentally friendly and biodegradable Antifouling Remover. It does not need to be neutralised. It is Ideal for antifouling removal on steel, aluminium, fibre-glass and wood boats. YachtStrip removes almost any type of antifouling and will not damage the gel coat.




YachtStripAuftragenThe YachtStrip foil is a particularely thin plastic foil which degrades whithin 18 Months of disposal and is friendlier to the environment than standart plastics. The foil stops Yachtstrip from drying out and subsequently extends the posssible dwell times. The lightness means as well, that it will stick to the YachtStrip paste even in strong winds. Each pack includes 1 sqm of foil per YachtStrip.



Types of Antifouling

YachtStrip removes almost all types of antifouling including hard and soft antifoulings. The dwell time will be slightly longer on hardantifoulings and the amount of layers, which can be removed in one application will be less than on soft antifouling.


The amount necessary is between ca. 80g and 150g per antifouling layer.


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